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On these pages you will find gema-free relaxation music for body, mind and soul. This calm and harmonious instrumental music with a tempo of 60 BPM (beats per minute) promotes relaxation, regeneration and healing. This will bring you to rest and recharge your batteries and energy. The music is particularly suitable as an acoustic accompaniment for massage, relaxation exercises etc. or as a background for spoken texts, such. B. fantasy iron or hypnosis audios.

Besides the very quiet relaxation and meditation music you can also find more lively ones here Lounge / Wellness music with a tempo between 70 and 120 BPM, as well as more dynamic Music for movement and dance, Some of the about 60 minutes long Albums are also as Audio CD available. You get longer single titles with a duration of 20-30 minutes Download.

The music can be both private and commercial be used. For commercial use I offer:

Licenses for royalty-free relaxation music

With my offer Royalty free music For relaxation, wellness and meditation, I also turn to people and institutions in the areas of therapy, coaching, relaxation and health advice. For them, it is possible to license relaxation music directly from the author and thus be able to use commercially - eg. As a relaxing background music for massage, meditation, therapy, coaching, tai-chi, yoga, reiki.

A License-A allows, for example, the use as a supportive musical accompaniment - z. B. in a naturopathic practice, in relaxation seminars, in coaching, massage, Reiki or even Yoga and Tai Chi. In other words, at all events and in all places where quiet relaxing background music makes sense (including clinics, schools, universities and public transport facilities, where my music is also used).

With the License B are beyond that too own audiobook CDs or online audio projects possible. Use my Gema-free relaxing music as background music for spoken trance and fantasy journeys, coaching texts, training videos or audiobooks. The License B Also applies to the background music of movies, videos or TV productions.

The Prices depend on the length of the song and the license model and are displayed on the respective product page. You can then customize the music to your liking (fade, truncate, repeat / extend,). If necessary, I can Soundtrack and mix with your text also happy to take over for you.

Legal certainty:

Da ich, as the author of the music is not a member of the GEMA (SUISA, AKM, ASCAP, BMI, PRS, SECAM, GVL), you can get a license for GEMA-free relaxation music (spa music, meditation music) for commercial use quickly and easily with me. With that you are legally on the safe side.

Here you will find detailed information about the licenses and their uses.

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